Our passion has helped us grow into an outstanding film & video production house offering a complete creative service unmatched in Tanzania. Ever since inception our work has consumed our lives which has led to satisfied clients of over 350 projects.

TV Commercials

We have produced over 200 world class TV Commercials with high production values involving a single cast member to over 500 in multiple locations shoots for various high profile NGO clients like PSI, AMREF, USAID and brands like Airtel, Coral Paints, NBC Bank, Tigo, Vodacom etc.

Content in Motion

Content In Motion is a process that incorporates strategy, creation and amplification to ensure you tell the right stories in the right way for the right result. In Tanzania only PERFORMANCE has the talent and technology to guarantee quality and consistency every time to your project. Combined with the capabilities of our film makers we make undeniably engaging and high quality content which is both valued by viewers and by brand partners.
PERFORMANCE Videos provide companies and organizations with an unparalleled way to tell their story and promote products or services. Few other mediums allow for such a unique type of engagement and connection with the target audience.
We partner with brands, corporates and media owners to strategize, create and amplify compelling content that moves audiences. Simply put, PERFORMANCE is content in motion. - If you’d like us to help find and tell compelling stories about your business or industry drop us a line at Content in
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Corporate Films

Corporate videos visually communicate the company profile, experience, strengths and strategic advantages. We are trusted by big multinational companies and major brands such as African Barrick Gold, Alaf, Coca Cola, NBC Bank, TCC, Tigo, Vodacom etc to showcase their operations in Tanzania.


We have produced several 'Human Interest' documentaries for international organizations like UNICEF, UNHCR, ILO, UNESCO, Lions International, World Vision etc. Many have featured on major broadcast channels across the world including Colorless, which won 2 prestigious international awards.

TV Shows

PERFORMANCE is the producer of the popular travel and food TV show Out Of The World hosted by the internationally acclaimed Chef SanjeevKapoor. Season 1 - Out of Africa was a hit with the audiences across India, Malaysia, Middle East etc and Season 2 - Out of Australia is due for release.

Line production(Line Producer)

Our vast filming experience in Tanzania has given confidence to production companies abroad looking to shoot in the country to manage line production for their projects.
Our expertise in this field has seen may productions coming our way from Italy, Holland, US and India. We have successfully fulfilled our primary responsibility for the logistics of the production, from pre-production through completion of production by supporting the director's vision that have creative consequences, e.g Production Value and a project's look by influencing the choice of filming locations.
Trust us to take care of logistics, a locked budget and related issues to deliver on time.

Events : Invite the world to your events-Corporate Events

Why limit the reach of your corporate events to just the attendees?
Why not invite the Performance event video production team to capture the event in the finest detail and publish the video online for the world to see? We are experienced event videographers, producing highlights films and documentary-style videos for a range of high-profile corporate clients.

Live Performances

Share and promote your events.
Capture the energy and atmosphere of your event in a slick, punchy video – then share that with the world.
The Performance event filming team captures Beauty pageants, Music festivals, Fashion shows, – packaging them into brilliant promos and movies for the world to see.
Our Digital team can then help you publish your video online and promote it to the world.