Short Description of Testimonial

It's been a great experience working with Runic. When he asked me to write a script for his debut feature film, he had a clear idea about the kind of story he wanted to tell.It was a story that was close to his heart but he did not let his passion interfere with the process of writing. All through the writing of the script, he provided valid feedback and great notes, that helped > make the script better and stronger. It was a privilege to work with Runic and I hope I can work with him on future projects too.

Adite Banerjie, Screenwriter, Kaamyabi

BBC World Service had a pleasure of working with the professional services of Performance ltd in Spring 2009. Company director Runjiv Kapur proved to be a key contributor to our debate, as well as being significantly supportive in the build up to the broadcast. The provision of logistical advice and cultural guidance was key. Throughout the production of the broadcast, Performance ltd proved to be thoroughly enthusiastic - an approach that was extremely valued.


we have always had a great time working with performance, and have been delighted with your professionalism and sincerity .(that for the records). we sincerely wish you would charge us less and that your photography was half as good as your lovely family and your great sense of humour i also sincerely wish you stop asking us for things you don't ask from your wife ( and do ask her for feedback , you will be amazed at your many short comings and a few good things , if at all) but it has really been a pleasure working with you , and having you as a friend. hakuna matata!

Bharat Dhabolkar

I did a very nice experience with you, I liked so much your passion and patience. I know to shoot in Tanzania is not easy and to do with you a commercial very difficult like Vodacom was easy and pleasant.

Mauro Salesi, Italian director of international repute

Commenting on Tanzania’s 50th Anniversary commercials for Vodacom; I like them a lot. Beautifully shot and edited.

Andrew White, ECD, Scangroup – Kenya